Hello, and Welcome!

I am Selena Walsh, the principal consultant behind Clarity Health Consulting. I have been doing project based work within healthcare organizations for 15 years. Roughly half of that time I’ve worked as a Management Consultant – both with Accenture and independently. The other half I have spent working “in industry” at UnitedHealth Group / Optum as well as MOBE, LLC, a healthcare start-up.

Having been part of a wide variety of projects and strategic initiatives, what I’ve noticed is that, regardless of the scope or intent, defining and understanding the core business processes is a foundational step to achieving success in the broader project. For complex, cross-functional processes, it is common for there to be a lack of transparency or understanding in exactly how things work from end to end. Further, it can be overwhelming to try to make improvements when changing one aspect of the process often has unintended consequences that impact upstream or downstream teams, systems or data.


I specialize in working with teams to dig into these complex processes and document in a way that facilities a common understanding across the organization. This typically goes beyond defining “who does what task” to include understanding data flow/integrations and enabling
technology (or lack thereof). Check out my process for more detail on how I work with organizations.

I truly enjoy the challenge of working through a complex business problem or complicated process, which is why I provide this type of consulting through Clarity Health Consulting. If you have a project that requires process-related work, please reach out – I’d love to have a conversation about how we can work together in the future.

Our Approach​

Our approach will be tailored based on each organization’s unique goals and circumstances. It is our top priority to ensure we are aligned with our client’s goals prior to beginning an engagement. Our typical engagement will include most of the steps outlined below.